Thursday, April 27, 2017

Clouds over the lake

Today it rained and threatened rain until about the time we quit work and then the sun came out brightly. Gene did our devotion today with Bryant playing the guitar. It is so great to have a musician on the team! Gene shared the article “The Incredible Evangelistic Egg” by Kirk Cameron, (best known for starring in the television series “Growing Pains” and the “Left Behind” movies). He used the creation story in Genesis for the scripture. In the article he describes how the egg nourishes a chick until it breaks out of the egg. He encourages the use of this example in sharing Christ with others. Click here to check out the article. Thanks Gene for another good devotion.

First thing this morning we hauled our trash to the dump and Bill picked up more supplies for us. We then resumed working on plumbing, pulling old abandoned wiring out, repairing sheetrock and painting. Part of the repairing was in a small hallway to the master bedroom with a damaged popcorn ceiling. Appears to have been wet at some point and when touched it would just fall down. We had a can of spray popcorn texture and tried to use it to make the repair. Since we had never used this type spray, Anne read and followed the directions exactly. She put on all the safety gear – mask, goggles, rain jacket with hood. Real attractive – but needed a hazmat suit. We had made a little tent around the area to hopefully prevent making a mess everywhere. Did NOT work!!! We think maybe it was old or something but it came out real thin and runny and wouldn’t stick to the ceiling. Just fell back down all over the place including all over Anne. YUK!! Had to hose off the jacket inside and out, clean the googles, mask and all exposed skin. The stuff was suppose to be white but came out brown. We didn’t see any expiration date on the can but something was definitely wrong. So, after letting it dry for a while, and everybody looking at it we decided to just take all the popcorn down in the little area and then prime and paint. So then Max used our newest tool that Bill Koch “thoughtfully” gave us right before we left Sumatanga. (Maybe Bill just didn’t want to have to use it himself.) Anyway you attach a plastic store bag to the texture removal device, spray the ceiling lightly with water, wait a bit and then scrape. The popcorn falls into the bag to prevent the huge mess removing popcorn texture usually makes. We had seen this tool before but never tried one. No one on the team had tried it. It really works. You can’t get all the way to the edge but very close and most of the debris goes into the bag. Cool. We were 50/50 today. Two new experiences, one was a disaster and the other worked as it should. We finished painting the first coat on the ceiling – so very high. Max even got in on that. Ok NOMADS – we did not photo shop this picture. Max was actually painting the high ceiling. Steve finished the plumbing rough-in and Oneta worked on painting the porch swing. We got things ready to hang drywall but couldn’t go get it due to the rain. Bill is going to get it tomorrow so we can start that Monday.

After a great work week, we celebrated by going to Chinquapins for ice cream. There we enjoyed our ice cream and shakes and just hung out a while. By the time we went back outside everyone had a sunny disposition to match the bright sun that was now out. The weather forecast is good for the weekend and there is lots to do in the area.

Gabriel watching everyone eat ice cream
Gabriel watching everyone eat ice cream

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