Travel Day Of A Different Kind

Friday, April 28, 2017

Foggy start for the day

We left the camp at 8:00 this morning in fog. The fog cleared by the time we got out of Hayesville in route to the north side of Atlanta. We took the route recommended by google and which was a very scenic drive through the north Georgia mountains.

Saw a bunch of these signs
Saw a bunch of these signs

It was very curvy, up and then back down the mountains. There were some very strange named roads such as Trackrock Road, Lower Trackrock Road, Booger Hollow Road, Arkaqua Road, and Frogtown Road.

Live music at McDonalds
Live music at McDonald’s?

After we were getting into town, we stopped at a McDonald’s and were very surprised there was a live music performance by about 4-5 musicians ongoing. We have never been to a McDonald’s with live music. Strange. We went to Northside Hospital to be at Anne’s sister-in-law’s doctor appointment. It was a difficult visit and certainly not the outcome we wanted but we were glad we could be there to be support. After the visit we returned to Hinton by the same nice route. The about 70 miles through the mountains is a great drive but once you get closer to Atlanta, the traffic is the usual Atlanta traffic. Not good.

We spent the rest of the afternoon doing a few things around the rig, washing clothes and sitting outside visiting with our team members. For dessert tonight Max fixed rootbeer floats. MMMMM good. Hope you all have a great weekend and stay safe.

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