More Rebuilding

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Sun over the foggy lake

Today began with a beautiful fog bank over the lake that the sun was able to burn off fairly quickly. It sure was beautiful for the short time we had to enjoy it.

Morning devotion by Bryant and JackieBryant and Jackie handled devotion as well as the music for us today. They brought us a Rick Warren devotion based on Matthew 7:24-29 from The Message. Since we are in the building phase of the project now this was very appropriate. The foundation determines the size of the building built upon it and whether the building stands or falls like the pavilion fell last Saturday night. We choose what we use for our foundation, maybe popular culture, tradition, reason, or emotions. All of these while not necessarily being bad will eventually fail. Only the Word of God will never fail and is the only real choice for our foundation. We had a good time of discussion and music.

It was then time to go back to work. We need to get the plumbing and electrical rough in completed so we can get the drywall up. Dave, Gene and Oneta worked on electrical most of the day but Anne even helped by learning how to strip wires and prepare for installation of the outlets. Steve worked on plumbing. Jackie, Cheryl, and Sandra spent a lot of time on ladders today, painting. There may be some sore necks, backs and legs tomorrow. Bryant finished the repair of the closet ceiling and caulked everything so that tomorrow it will be ready for painting. He also worked on some drywall repairs, as did Anne. Max did some drywall patching and other things but spends most of his days answering questions and keeping everyone else busy.

At lunch we were treated to a hot dog dinner at City Electric. They grilled the hot dogs and we had chips and cup cakes. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it. They offered us discounts on any tools and supplies we needed and gave all the ladies pink – breast cancer awareness – hard hats and the guys got blue light bulbs for autism awareness. They told us about City Electric and we shared some information about what we do as NOMADS. They thanked us for all the volunteer hours NOMADS give to the Hinton Center. Very nice gesture by one of the Hinton Center vendors.

We were all really glad to have Carol return this afternoon and even more, we celebrated her good report on the tests she had done. Now she and Dave can continue with their planned projects without worry. Thank You God for answered prayers.

After work some of us sat outside and enjoyed the nice afternoon/evening just chatting, visiting and laughing. It was another good day.

Rhododendrons on campus
We saw these rhododendrons as we were walking back up the hill after work

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