Day Two – Starting The Rebuild

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Bryant leading singing at morning devotionDave brought a very inspiring and heartfelt devotion about “Love Bursts” this morning. That coupled with Bryant’s guitar playing and song leading really got us off to a good start. After devotion Bill taught a short lesson on electric devices and wiring and then we went to work.

Everyone picked right back up where they stopped yesterday and accomplished a lot, even though the results were not as visually dramatic. Everyone just jumped in, changing jobs whenever needed to accomplish the task. Dave and Gene, and sometimes Oneta, continued running new circuits for the kitchen electrical. Dave, Bryant and Jackie removed more drywall so the wiring could be roughed in. Steve and Sandra continued working on the stairs, then Sandra started painting the ceiling while Steve worked on plumbing. Using a reinforced 2×4 and a floor jack, Bryant and Max installed a new ceiling in a bedroom closet where it had sagged. Jackie, Cheryl and Oneta prepared a porch swing for painting. Max, Jackie and Cheryl pulled the old vinyl flooring up from the kitchen and hall. And Jackie and Cheryl worked on getting the retaining wall ready for painting. You all should be tired just from reading all that. What an energetic hard working team. Oh, and there is STILL one wire sticking up through the kitchen floor that we haven’t been able to pull out. Maybe tomorrow.

Just before lunch Bill told us it was Volunteer Appreciation Day at Hinton and we were all invited to lunch. As always, lunch was delicious and Jackie, the CEO of Hinton, spoke about how much volunteers do for the Center and how very much they are appreciated.

And most importantly, Anne returned to the team from Atlanta late this afternoon.

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