End of Sumatanga Project

Thursday, April 20, 2017

We have had almost 2 weeks of near perfect weather. Another gorgeous day!! We always like to do the devotional to close out a project when we are leaders. Today we talked about laughter. “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” (Proverbs 17:22) This group has laughed so much, so hard and so long that we certainly can’t have dried up bones. We reviewed some of the real medical benefits of laughter and then challenged them to take this to their home small groups, to their next project, and pass it on. Certainly with all the bad things happening in the world, our country, and our state, it’s easy to get upset and down. We must share and encourage all to remember “This is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it.” We have declared this the NOMADS fight song. We hope we can all share our joy and hope and laughter with others and let by so doing, this three weeks continue.

This is our last day so we reviewed what we have done and today decided to concentrate all our efforts on getting the Lakeside Loo as far along as possible. We knew from the beginning that we probably would not finish this task but left it in good shape and hopefully it won’t take too long for the maintenance guys to finish it up.

We also finally – on this the last day – took the team on a non-hay ride tour of the camp right before lunch.

This three weeks went by really fast. So just what all have we done. We started by moving everything movable out of the kitchen and pressure washing and scrubbing the kitchen floor at Pool Camp. We then started some construction and enclosed the loading dock area of the kitchen at Pool Camp. We built a new wall, moved the sink to that wall and installed the plumbing in the kitchen. We also enclosed some pipes in the kitchen. Then we moved everything back into the kitchen so that it could be used for about 140 kids that came for a weekend retreat that was part of their confirmation classes. We worked in Little Brown, moving some electrical and telephone service so that a closet could be opened making a way to reach the bathroom from the summer staff break room. The walls around the opening had to be framed in and covered with drywall which was then mudded. A new breaker box was installed replacing a quite old fuse box. An exterior door was reopened up for use and a step area framed in for concrete. An enclosure was also build to cover and protect the telephone equipment that was moved. A condensate pump was also installed. The worship supplies storage room was reorganized and supplies were taken to media/worship supply areas at Pool Camp, McKinney, and the Lodge. Flower beds at McKinney, the Lodge, Eva Walker and Pool Camp were weeded and mulched. We put out more than 120 bags of mulch. We completed two previously started tent platforms and built two more for base camp. This included installing 20 foot ridge beams on all four platforms as well as building steps for all four. We also dismantled some of the old ropes course and hauled it off. At the Lakeside Loo the first step was designing and drawing a plan for the remodel. Then the tear out and clean up had to be done. Two windows were removed along with most of the 1×3 trim on the exterior. The rebuild was started with the base plates being installed in both sides and walls and partitions being framed in. Some of the wall board was installed and some of the new 1×3 exterior trim was re-installed. We think that is a lot of work for 12 days work. We are all tired but also pleased with what was accomplished for the camp and the people who will be coming to Sumatanga in the future. It was a great three weeks of working along side the Sumatanga staff and helping them get some of the projects done.

After finishing up today we all went back to Jack’s for BOGO milkshakes. Tim went with us and we all sat around visiting and laughing. Such good times.

Tim accompanied us on our final team trip to Jack's for BOGO shakes
Tim accompanied us on our final team trip to Jack’s for BOGO shakes

Once again, we have made some wonderful new friends, spent wonderful time with old friends, and have been so blessed by this team and everyone at Sumatanga. Please pray for everyone’s safe travel this weekend as all but Bill and Marti will be on the road tomorrow. It’s on to Hayesville, NC and Hinton Center tomorrow for us.

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