Winding Down

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Well, it was another beautiful day. Know you are probably getting tired of hearing that, but we are not tired of experiencing a wonderful spring. Actually today felt almost like summer. Working in the heat made for a sweaty day.

Carol sharing devotionCarol had our devotion today and it was another good one. She started by telling us about her first mission project with ASP (Appalachian Service Project). She had never done sheetrock, mudding and taping. But someone took the time to teach her and she learned. Each project she has learned more. In the past we all would call a professional to repair our plumbing or sheetrock. Now with the DIY (Do It Yourself) movement we all watch a video and tackle a lot of projects ourselves. The Bible is filled with DIYers. Ordinary men and women doing extraordinary things. Examples: Moses, Paul, Gideon, the disciples. God qualifies the called rather than calling the qualified. Carol encouraged everyone to not wait until we feel qualified to answer Gods call, but rather offer our life for God to use as he sees fit.

Richard showing off his moody socks
Richard showing off his moody socks at morning devotion

After devotion we reviewed where we were on all our projects then headed out to work. Anne, Marti and Harriet returned to weeding and mulching at the Lodge and Eva Walker. Anne had to leave about 10:00 to take Juno (Max’s Mom) to the doctor. When Marti and Harriet completed the work at the Lodge, they went to Pool Camp to work on a large flower bed there. The landscaping at the camp is really looking better. Patrick and Richard worked on partitions in the women’s restroom at the Lakeside Loo while Carol, Bill and sometimes Max worked on framing up the outside shower pads. Dave and Jim continued at Little Brown. They completed the telephone enclosure and then formed up the concrete pad for the back door area. It was a busy day.

Tonight, the camp staff gave our team a wonderful evening. It was our “going away” get together, just a day early so that Bishop Padgett (Lee’s wife) could also attend. We were served a wonderful meal with lemon ice box pie for dessert. We then gathered in the rocking chairs around the fireplace for a time of sharing. We have been so blessed to serve as team leaders for this great group of NOMADS. After our sharing time we went to the Nina Reeves Chapel for a communion service with our sweet Bishop Debbie. We so appreciate her taking the time from her incredibly busy schedule to join us and serve us communion tonight. It was a wonderful service and message on having a servants heart.

Today was a busy day and we are all tired, but God blessed us once again. We get to spend one more day here and it’s sure to be another good one.

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