Arrived at Hinton Center

Friday, April 21, 2017

Unlike the last time we came to Hinton from Sumatanga, we had an uneventful morning and an easy completion of our departure checklist. We said some final goodbyes to Richard and Bill and Marti. Everybody else was still asleep and we had said goodbye to them last night. Sad to leave such a wonderful group of friends.

It was a sunny day for most of the drive. We left Sumatanga and took I-59 to Chattanooga. It was an uneventful drive until the road construction in Chattanooga. YUK!! Long backup and crazy lane changes and lanes that just run out. Ocoee HighwayOnce we were thru there it was an easy and beautiful drive along the Ocoee River. It’s a lot of curves and somewhat narrow, but really nice scenery. We made it to Hinton Rural Life Center with just a few sprinkles of rain and got all the outside setup done before the significant rain started. After settling in a little we met with Bill Curns, our agency contact, to begin going over our work plan. We will be remodeling the Lake House along with some other tasks. The Lake House is rented until tomorrow so we will wait and tour it then or Sunday afternoon. From the project list it sounds like we will have plenty to do and a lot of fun.

While driving over we received a phone call from NOMADS Kathy and Bill who live in Hayesville, wanting to get together tonight, visit and go to dinner. They came over about 7:00 and after we got Dave parked we all went out to dinner at Rib Country. Sorry, we forgot to take any pictures. We are so glad they called and we were able to see them again. We worked with them at MMDC in Chatham, IL last year. Thank you so much Kathy for calling us. Safe travels. We are looking forward to the rest of the team arriving tomorrow and Sunday and getting to know everyone. It should be a really good three weeks. Will try to get some pictures of some of the Center tomorrow.

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