Tent Platforms Finally Finished

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Another partly cloudy day. It really was mostly sunny and we had no rain. Looked like rain several times but it all went around us. We know that the area needs rain but we are glad the rain is missing us right now because we have so much outside work to do. Harriet and Jim brought us our morning devotion today using Romans 12:3-13. She told us of all the different hats she has worn during the different phases of her life and had us thinking about all of our different hats. She challenged us to always do our best no matter what “hat” we are currently wearing. We only have the ability given to us by God and we should remember it comes from God and use it to our best. God has given Jim the ability to do beautiful work with a scroll saw and he has given each member a beautiful picture of Jesus he has done. He also gave us some small crosses. God has given Harriet the ability to do china painting and she gave each of us a piece of her work. How wonderfully generous they are with their talents. Jim also shared a little funny he likes. “God promised the men there would be women around every corner. Then he made the earth round.” Jim brings us a funny most days. Yep, NOMADS laugh a lot.

After devotion, it was back to work. Richard and Patrick went back up the mountain to base camp to finish up the steps and clean up the area. Dave and Jim went to Little Brown to enclose an area with phone and electrical. Marti and Harriet returned to McKinney to complete the little mulching that needed to be done there and then moved on to the Lodge to weed and mulch there. Dennis had purchased 75 more bags of mulch. That’s in addition to the 46 he delivered yesterday. Yep, Camp Sumatanga is a big place. Bill, Carol, and Anne returned to the Lakeside Loo with Bill continuing to construct and the girls continuing to destruct. Max was all over the place trying to keep us all going. Anne was also between the Loo and the Lodge to be sure Marti and Harriet was getting along ok. Goose familyWhile we were at the Loo we were excited to see 5 baby goslings. We new they were probably around somewhere because two of the adults had become more aggressive the past couple of days. Richard even reported that one of the adults tried to attack him yesterday when he was out in his kayak and must have gotten a little to close to the nest. Today we got to see the family walking around the Loo and then into the lake. So fun!!

By the end of the day the tent platforms at base camp were completed. YEA!! That is unless something else gets added tomorrow. Tomorrow we plan to continue working on the Loo, Little Brown and hopefully complete the mulching. Only two more days to go – probably won’t complete it all, but we will give it our best!

At the end of a long, hot and physically tiring day most of us went for Buy One Get One shakes at Jack’s. Anne had blueberry cream pie and Max had sea salt caramel. We couldn’t decide which we liked best. Both were very good. We all sat around in Jacks relaxing, and laughing for a while. A very good day.

BOGO shakes at Jack's

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