Beginning of Week 3 – Last week at Sumatanga

Monday, April 17, 2017

The morning started with partly cloudy skies but that also means mostly sunny. We knew we would have to watch the weather a little more closely today because we were predicted to have scattered showers and thunderstorms, mostly in the afternoon. As we watched the weather radar during the day we saw showers and storms all around us but it never rained here. God is good!

Dave shared our devotion todayDave did our devotion today and did a great job. He started with the Beatitudes and the really funny questions from the disciples (link). Then he asked us if we remembered where we were – When President Kennedy was shot, on 9/11, on November 29, 1989. That last one made us all pause. We didn’t remember that date. It was when the Berlin Wall came down. He then related a story on a small group of Christians in East Berlin who met to pray for peace and their contribution to the fall of the wall. (For more information click here.)  This team has really brought us some wonderful and thought provoking devotionals. We really appreciate their efforts. We feel that our morning devotional time is the foundation for all that goes on with our projects and the most important time of our day. After review and adding to our prayer list and our closing prayer we were ready to go to work.

We reviewed the status of our various tasks and the pretty much started back where we left of Thursday afternoon. That meant that Harriet, Marti and Anne went back to McKinney to mulch the beds they weeded Thursday. Bill and Carol went to work on the Lakeside Loo (bathroom). Max, Patrick, Richard, Jim and Dave went back up the mountain to work on the tent platforms. The mulchers ran out of mulch shortly before lunch and went to the Loo to assist Carol and Bill. Lots of progress was made today. The McKinney beds look much better and need just a little more mulch place. Walls went up and a window came out of the Loo, along with some trenching for new sewer lines. Two sets of steps were built and all the 6×6 angle braces for the ridge beams were installed. All that is left at base camp is 2 more sets of steps and clean up. We only have 3 more days and still a lot to do but we are getting close to completion on some of the tasks. We did not expect to complete it all. Others will come after us to do that, just as we are completing the tent platforms that someone else began.

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