The Chicks Are In The Barn!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Today was another glorious spring day in Alabama. We started the morning with a 2 mile hike/walk on the Lake Trail.

Protected campsites
Cordoned campsites

What a great way to start the day. After breakfast we worked to cordon off the camp sites because we learned there would be a wedding here at the McBee pavilion which is right at the campground. We were concerned that we would not be able to get the incoming rigs parked if wedding guests parked blocking the sites. Mid-morning the wedding planner arrived and we learned it would be a 4:00 wedding.

Not alone in the campround anymore
Not alone in the campround anymore

Fortunately all our team members were able to arrive by 3:00 so we were able to get everyone parked before the wedding began. It was so great to see Bill and Marty again and to meet Patrick, James and Harriet. Most importantly we are so thankful for safe travels for them all. They all had uneventful travel days. Thank you Lord!! All our chicks are in the barn and we are very happy. We can relax now. We were all making jokes about crashing the reception which of course we did not, but after the reception was over the caterer gave the team a large tray of barbeque pork, chicken salad and rolls. Wow. It is very good and we have plenty to eat for next week.

The team decided that they would like to attend the early (8:00 am) bluegrass service at Springville UMC in the morning. After that there will probably be a brunch stop and a Walmart stop for most. We will see what people want to do tomorrow afternoon. Don’t forget, we all need to be in prayer for our church services and pastors. Go to services tomorrow looking forward to the opportunity to worship. It’s about our Lord, not about us.


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