Getting Ready For Work

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Bluegrass service at Springville FUMC
Bluegrass service at Springville FUMC

Wow! Another wonderful spring day. It was a little foggy early today and a little cool. Had to run the heat pump this morning. The team left for church at 7:20. We headed to Springville First United Methodist Church for the 8:00 am bluegrass service. The service is a regular worship service, but with the music being of the bluegrass genre. The musicians are quite talented. They have written some of the songs, some of which you would probably recognize. You could tell the congregation really enjoyed the service. They were very welcoming to us. Since everyone needed to go to Walmart we had breakfast at the Waffle House that is located on the same property as Walmart. They were very crowded and it was quite noisy making it difficult to have conversation.

Resident ducks enjoying the shade of our car
Resident ducks enjoying the shade of our car

After shopping it was back to the campground for Sunday afternoon naps for some and hiking and biking for others. Just a few minutes after parking the car we went back outside and were surprised by ducks resting under the rear of the car. They really weren’t bothered by us but we were sure glad we didn’t jump in the car and back up. We have not seen them come up into the campground and get under the vehicles before.

We cooked a peach cobbler to have for the 6:00 pm team meeting, the first official activity of this project. There is always a time of sharing to start to get to know the team and then some paperwork and safety items to cover. Dennis, the facilities manager, met with us and went over the top five items he hopes we complete. Don’t think we will have any problems completing those items but we will see what else comes up. Hope everyone has a good week.

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