Friday, March 31, 2017

It’s the weekend!! Hope you all take time to get outside and walk, ride a bike, take a hike or jog and just enjoy the beautiful world. It was a wonderful spring day today. Fortunately, all the bad weather we were expecting last night fell apart and we just had a little light rain so we had a restful night. Today Anne left at 6:00 to make the drive to Tuscaloosa. It was an uneventful and easy drive. It was a long day and hopefully Anne’s mom will be feeling better soon. Max stayed at Sumatanga to prepare for our project and be here to great our first team member on his arrival today. Richard was at Cedartown with us, but since we left after two days we didn’t get to know him very well. Looking forward to spending more time with him this time around. He arrived shortly after lunch so he missed the messy nachos served at lunch. Richard likes what he has seen of Sumatanga and we are sure the rest of the team will enjoy their time here. None of our team has been here before so it will be fun seeing things thru their eyes. Sumatanga is always pretty in the spring. Compared to last fall when we were in extreme drought – the lake is really pretty.

While walking the Lake Trail this evening we saw where the new zipline will cross the lake. We hope to get to try it sometime.

Zip line at Lake Trail
Zip line at the Lake Trail. This section will end where the red oval is across the lake.

Tomorrow everyone else should be arriving so we will be here to help them get parked and settled in. Looking forward to getting started.

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