“Very Exciting, Awesome!”

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Pat started our day with an excellent devotion reminding us of the Butterfly Effect – the concept that small causes can have large effects – the flap of a butterfly’s wings might ultimately cause a tornado. We talked about how everything we say and do, good and bad has effects that we may never know or see but the ripple effects can be huge. We need to be about being the hands and feet of God no matter how we are received. We also had a good time of sharing and prayer. We were all so thankful that Gary had listened to that still small voice and returned to visit with our homeowner last evening. We are all in agreement that we really want to make his home as close to the way he wants it as we can.

We started work on Plan D for our homeowner. It’s sort of a combination of Plan A and C. He doesn’t want us to move his bathroom down stairs for some very valid reasons. His case manager and we had hoped to limit his trips up and down the stairs but we will settle for making the steps safer and easier for him to navigate. He is very excited about the planned improvements and the work we have already done. We told you last night that Gary left the homeowner with the plan and a red pen to mark changes. He did mark up changes and left us a note on the floor plan “Very exciting, Awesome!” Those comments really energized us to get busy. So, today we patched some holes on the exterior to help protect the interior repairs from moisture and vermin. The demo divas sort of split up today to divide and conquer. We didn’t have as many laughs without our girl power trio though. The upstairs bathroom floor was patched and is almost ready for the final sub-floor installation. That should be completed first thing in the morning. The insulation installation was completed. Also, the new wall for the kitchen was installed and the old wall will be demoed in the morning. Doesn’t necessarily sound like a lot, but it was a day of hard work.

In case you are new to the blog, when we are working with NOMADS. Our schedule is to start the day with team devotion, usually at 8:00 but on this project because of the drive to Maysville it is at 7:40. break-timeWe start work at 8:30, we have a break from 10:15-10:30, lunch is 12:-1:00, afternoon break at 2:15 and stop work at 4:00. Doesn’t sound like a bad schedule, right? However, we work really hard doing physical labor that some of the us geezers haven’t done in a while. You would be amazed at what our teams can accomplish with that schedule. God just takes our efforts and our hearts and uses his math to multiply our efforts. Hope we get lots done tomorrow as it is suppose to be another beautiful day. We are making some plans for the weekend so be sure to check back in. Thanks for stopping by.

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