Plan A, B, C, …..

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Today was gorgeous day in Maysville, OK. We have really been blessed with wonderful weather. We spent a good deal of time this morning working on getting our master plan on paper so we would lay out the downstairs. We really wanted to make the steps to the second level safer for the home owner. Currently they are too steep and have minimal to no hand rails depending on the section of steps. He told us he has fallen down the steps 3 times. All we can say is he is a very fortunate man to not have had serious injury.

Scott Re-engineering the Steps

After a great deal of study, we gave up on trying to make the current steps safe and determined we will tear out the current steps in order to install steps with the appropriate tread and risers. We also drew up a plan to move the bathroom down stairs, install an efficiency kitchen and living area. This plan is about Plan C.


The real work began when we started removing the old plumbing and had to remove the main drain pipe. NASTY!! Actually we were pretty neat with it – all things considered.

After all the plumbing was removed, the demolition divas/darling destroyers completed the demolition of the upstairs bath removing all the rotten flooring down to the floor joist. The team also removed old windows on the back wall of the first level, and framed up the opening.

The alcove for the refrigerator was framed and some of the exterior walls were insulated.

The home owner was not available today to discuss the floor plan and arrived just as we were leaving. Our team leader discussed it with him briefly and the home owner requested a copy of our drawing. We really were not sure he was pleased with our plans so Gary went back this evening discussed it all with him in detail and left him the floor plan and a red pen to use to mark up the things he doesn’t like. So come back tomorrow. We may be drawing plan D, or returning to plan A or B. It’s all good. We want our sweet home owner to have safe steps and be happy. Anything else is a bonus.  By the way, click on the pictures to see them full size and remember we love comments.

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