Semper Gumby

Thursday, February 23, 2017

We haven’t given you a sunrise picture in several days and even though we are in the “city”we still have wonderful sunrises. Love to start the day with a beautiful sunrise. Just makes you feel so blessed.

Semper Gumby means always flexible, a take off from the Marine Corps motto Semper Fidelis – always faithful. When we lead a team one of the things we always cover at our opening meeting is Semper Gumby. NOMADS must always be flexible. Well, this week we have been so flexible that we have become contortionists. We are now on plan E, F, G, H….?? Who knows. Really, it’s fine. Just a little funny. the-noteOur home owner thought about it over night, and after discussing it with his family, left us a nice note telling us he decided it would be better to have his main bath on the first level and have a little half bath upstairs. That way if he were to become unable to go up the stairs he could just live downstairs. Fortunately, everything we have done this week needed to be done for any of the plans. We hadn’t started the new plumbing. We just removed the old so nothing changed except the drawings. So, guess we really didn’t have to be too flexible – just use a lot of eraser.

We got a lot done today but we were so busy we didn’t take very many pictures. We will try to get more next week. The Divas of Destruction completed the new subfloor for the upstairs bathroom. Gwen finished calking the outside siding. The guys removed the old kitchen wall and then started the new front porch, digging the holes and pouring concrete for the support poles for the 10’x10′ front porch. They also cut all the rafters for the new porch to be installed next week. The porch will have a pitch roof and should be a nice addition to the house. The Divas also learned to install windows and almost completed their first install. Trim, etc. will be added later.

The 2 VIM coordinators delivered all our supplies which they do daily and then stayed and worked with us, preparing the exterior for some new windows and began working on plumbing. It was nice to have them hang out with us today. It’s been another great week and now we will try to get some rest, get caught up on our laundry, work on taxes and maybe have some fun. We plan to meet for breakfast at the Badger Den in the morning and will then decide if we have enough energy left to do any touristy things.

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