Starting on the Next House

Monday, February 20, 2017

Today Gwen did our devotion and introduced us to Wisdom Hunters, a daily devotion by Boyd Bailey of Atlanta. She often uses this devotion for her morning quiet time. She and Gary know Mr. Bailey. The one she used today is called “Love is Slow to Anger” and was very good. Check it out.

After devotion it was off to work. Today we started on a very nice 81 year old man’s home. He is such a sweet man who let his children, and then his grandchildren, move into his house next door while he moved into this converted (and unfinished) garage. He is staying in a camper trailer next door while we work on the house and he would go to the trailer and then in a little while he would be back to see what we were doing. Shortly he would go back to the trailer, but then you would look around and he would be walking back down the street toward the house. He is really excited that we are here. The guys today worked on the main entrance that formerly was a garage door and had been framed in with 2 windows and a walk thru door. They aren’t quite through yet and it will need caulking and painting, but looks better already.

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They also installed another door that leads to the back yard. With those two things done the home is already much more secure. new-door-after

The ladies really rocked today. They had fun demolishing a bathroom. Everything had been leaking and the floor is rotten. The ladies first removed the shower, commode, and sink/vanity and then removed the old drywall from the walls and ceiling.

The only thing left to in there before starting to rebuild is to remove part of the floor. It was a very productive day for everyone and the home owner was very pleased with our progress.

Hope you had a great start to your week. Stay safe!

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