Quiet Saturday

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Unusual sky this morning
Unusual sky this morning When we went to unlock the gate

After our busy day yesterday we decided to take it easy today. After unlocking the gate to the campground about 7am and a few regular maintenance tasks we settled down and cooked pancakes for breakfast and covered them with strawberries and whipped cream. Mmmm Good.

Pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream for breakfast

Sound bar in bedroom
We installed a sound bar in bedroom so we could go to sleep with music without having the TV on.

Then a little house cleaning and a grocery run. This afternoon we installed a sound bar under the bedroom TV. We then watched some Christmas movies since it’s July. In this oppressive heat watching Christmas in July movies in the air conditioning just seems to make it a little less hot. We also worked on some project reports that we needed to send in to the NOMADS office and then some more movies.

All in all a quiet Saturday.

Fun In Fayetteville

Friday, July 7 2017

No sleeping in for us. We were up about 5:15 and on the road at 6:15, headed to Fayetteville. It was another wonderful sunrise. We stopped at Bojangles on the way out of town for a biscuit. Yep – not healthy but we were planning to ride 10 miles so that makes up for part of it. Right??


Nice drive with little traffic. There was one area on the side of the interstate that was filled with beautiful sunflowers. And then another filled with day lilies. Nice. We found the southern trail head for the Cape Fear River Trail without a problem. We weren’t the first in the parking lot. We got our bikes off the rack and hit the trail before 8:00. We wanted to get our ride in before the temperature got too high. The trail is a 5.3 mile paved rail trail through a wooded and marshy area. The trail was mostly shaded and flat but had enough hills to get a good workout. There were boardwalks and bridges and one covered bridge. Just as we started down the trail we road past a pretty deer. She didn’t seem at all afraid of us. It was a really nice ride and enough shade to make it comfortable. The Cape Fear trail is part of the East Coast Greenway, a series of bike trails that will eventually go from Maine to Key West. This was the first section of the EC Greenway we have ridden but hopefully it won’t be the last.


After completing our ride we went to the North Carolina Veterans Park and the Airborne and Special Operations Museum. Max was stationed at Fort Bragg in Fayetteville several times while in the army. There was no museum at that time. We picked up a brochure on the ASOM at the welcome center when we entered NC and since Max was in Special Ops we knew we wanted to see the museum. The exhibits focus on the history of the US Army Airborne and Special Operations units from World War II to the present. It was much larger than we expected and was very well done. The admission is free, with a donation requested and is well worth a visit if you are in the area.



Geocache in park across the street from the museum

After the museum we crossed the street to to the Freedom Memorial Park and found a geocache to mark our visit here. We then returned to Lumberton and spent the afternoon doing laundry.  We had a nasty thunderstorm come through late in the afternoon but it gave us a really nice sunset. Nice bookends today. No plans for tomorrow yet but we will see.


Two Rooms Ready

Thursday, July 6, 2017

It’s NOMADS Friday again! The day started off sunny and hot. And of course we started the day once again with devotion in our RV. Morris and Karen had today’s devotion on taking our Christianity seriously. Not that we have to be all serious and have no fun but really seek to live our lives for Christ. Christianity is not just a word but a way of life – the way we choose to live each day.

After devotion it was on to work. We all worked really hard this morning and got a lot accomplished. Max and Anne finished the laminate flooring in the sitting room. Karen and Rita completed the caulking and painting in the bathroom. Suzanne worked on painting and repainting doors in the bath and bedroom. Morris and Dave continued to work on trim elements – quarter-round, door and window trim. We all went back to our RVs for lunch to get into the air conditioning. It was a welcome reprieve from the horrible heat. When it was time to go back to work the thermometer was reading 95 degrees and the heat index was 105. We continued to work to complete the few little things remaining but it was hard to push through the stifling heat. Jeff our construction supervisor returned this afternoon and seemed pleased with the quantity and quality of our work. He realized that the owners can not move back into their bedroom until he gets the air conditioning working. Hopefully that will happen next week. We completed the bed and bathroom – our goal for this week. And the sitting room is coming right along. YEA! We had to take more breaks than usual this afternoon.


We are hoping for a break in the high temps for next week. Otherwise – it’s our Friday and we have 3 days to rest. We plan to go to Fayetteville tomorrow for a little side trip. We will try to get some good pictures. Thanks for reading our blog and commenting. It encourages us to keep it up when we hear from you.

Tonight's sunset had a dragon in it
Tonight’s sunset had a dragon in it

Back to Work

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

We all enjoyed our day off yesterday, especially since it is so hot, but today it was back to work. Of course we started with devotion at 8:00. Rita and Dave used scripture from Mark 4 – the calming of the storm and Dave reminded us that when we face hard times Jesus says Peace, be still. Rita also read James 2:14-26, focusing on faith without deeds. God doesn’t promise an absence of storms, just that He will be with us in the storms. He also expects us as NOMADS to be about doing good deeds for those in storms. There was some good discussion and sharing as well.

Then we went to the job site and started to work. Dave and Morris started the day with the installation of another door.


Rita and Karen helped with that project for a while and then took on the quarter round trim work in the bathroom. The ladies rocked it!! Suzanne, Anne and Max were again working on the flooring in the sitting room. At lunch we came back to the RV to cool down and eat. As we were getting ready to return to work the power went off. According to the office, the power had been going off intermittently for about an hour but then went totally off. We all made sure our generators were on keeping our rigs cool and then returned to work. It was more of the same this afternoon. The flooring became more difficult because we had to install the laminate into a bay window. The flooring in the sitting room is almost complete. Maybe 5-6 more pieces to install in the morning. The bathroom is almost complete. We need to install some base in the closet and caulk the quarter-round and we can mark the bath done. The bedroom has a little more of the quarter round and some paint touch up and it will be complete. HOPEFULLY we will complete some rooms tomorrow.


After work Anne and Max had to go to Lowe’s to pick up some supplies for tomorrow and since Chick-Fil-A is next door…we had peach milk shakes for supper, again – but don’t tell our Mom’s.


Lazy Holiday!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy Independence Day!!! From talking to our team we were all pretty lazy today.  Some slept till noon and the rest of us took multiple naps. It was another hot day and no one did much of anything until late this afternoon when we made a couple of freezers of ice cream. We made strawberry using Jennifer and Dave’s recipe and Dave and Rita made vanilla using almost the same recipe but of course without the strawberries or strawberry soda.  We will have try making Rita’s recipe because it too has ingredients I keep in the RV. After the ice cream was made we all met by Rita and Dave’s RV and ate. It was nice that by eating the ice cream it didn’t seem as hot outside. We ate a lot because it was hot. And we talked and laughed – a lot.


Later we all went back to our rig and we decided to watch a movie we had previously recorded. Then we got a text from Morris telling us there was a really nice sunset so we wanted to share that with you too. Anyway – not an exciting day but a relaxing day and a good day.  Hope you all had a happy and safe holiday.

Independence Day sunset
Independence Day sunset

Update from our Constructors for Christ project at Rosalie, Alabama: Another television station aired a segment about the project. Click here to see it. Also, the team there celebrated Independence Day by working.

Independence Day at Rosalie
Independence Day at Rosalie Baptist Church


Once again, we thought this got posted last night but just found out it didn’t.

Monday, July 3, 2017

The only word to describe today was HOT!! Until today we have had nice breezes and with the windows open and the fans and all our work being indoors, the heat has not been too bad. Today we lost our breezes and it was pretty oppressive by this afternoon. We worked hard to drink lots of fluids and rest frequently and watch each other carefully. We do have to remember our age and the age of our team members. Everyone made it through the day, but I think we were all ready for the cool of our RV’s and a nap by the time we got home. We will be off tomorrow and we can only hope the rest of the week will cool off a little but the forecast isn’t in our favor. Today we continued to work on completing the bedroom, and bathroom that will be Elizabeth’s and her husband’s. The bath is now complete with the exception of the quarter round which was painted today by Mary Elizabeth. We should get that down Wednesday. There is still a little base and the quarter round to go down in the bedroom. We should hopefully be close to completing the bedroom by Wednesday as well. We started installing the laminate flooring in the sitting room today as well as some trim work but it will take at least until the end of the week to complete that work.


Well tomorrow is July 4,- Independence Day- the day we celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 – the birthday of the United States. As we all enjoy the day off, enjoy barbecue, watermelon and home-made ice cream, let’s remember the significance of this day.

Getting Ready For Week Two

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Today was another sunny, HOT and humid day. Heat index over 100. The same is predicted for next week. The team went to church again today at Chestnut Street UMC, our host church. We again really enjoyed the service, sermon and the hospitality of the people. They were so warm and welcoming.

Appropriate sign at the restaurant
Appropriate sign at the restaurant

After church we again went to Pier 41 for lunch. Yep, pretty much the same as last Sunday. But hey – it was good last week. Today was no different. This week we also met the owner. Very nice gentleman who came by and visited with us twice. He knew we were here working in the community and was very appreciative. He shared some pictures of the flood and the area around the restaurant. The restaurant itself did not flood but was close to an area that did. He also shared pictures of I -95 many feet under water. It was obvious that there was still a lot of pain from the flood. After lunch it was back to the camp ground and time for some afternoon naps.

Team meeting second week
Second week team meeting

Team meeting was at our motor home at 6:00. It was a good time of getting to know each other, laughing and team building. We served our local watermelon. It sure is nice to have a residential refrigerator so we can chill watermelons. After taking care of routine team business, we reviewed the progress we made last week on Mary Elizabeth’s home and brought Dave and Rita up to date. We then detailed out our plan to get the downstairs apartment completed and move-in ready. We are looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow and seeing how much we can accomplish.

Sunset on July 2nd
Our evening walk around the fairground was once again rewarded