Starting Week Three

Monday October 12, 2020

Friday morning we were up early to drive to Cullman. As most of you know this is where Anne worked before we retired. We had to have fasting lab work so we wanted to get an early start so we could have some breakfast. After getting blood drawn we went to one of Anne’s favorite places – Duchess Bakery. A few months ago there was a news story on one of the TV stations on the closure of Duchess. We were really happy to find when we returned home that someone had purchased the shop along with all the recipes. This was our first chance to visit under the new ownership. The new owners are doing GREAT! They changed the chocolate iced bavarian long johns to milk chocolate and it was so good. The doughnut holes are better than under the previous ownership. We think there are better than Krispy Kreme and that is really saying something in our book. So, while on a sugar high, we ran errands and brought groceries on the way back home.

Saturday was a cooking and laundry rainy day. Hurricane Delta was coming through and we had lots of rain. Fortunately be the time it reached north Alabama we had very little wind. We did a little work and watched a good movie. A relaxing day. Sunday we again went into Oneonta to worship at Lester Memorial and then returned to camp. Gary cooked us up some really good barbeque ribs Sunday afternoon with the rest of the team furnishing various sides. Every thing was so good! It’s still seems strange to socially distance at team meals but we make it work.

Today it was back to work. Gary, Gene, Stel and Jodi spent the morning taking down a fence. Max and Phil completed the repairs to the children’s playground while the rest of the team began the work of reclaiming the prayer labyrinth that is just off the lake trail. The labyrinth was extremely overgrown to the point we really couldn’t locate some of the rocks marking the path. We made good progress today but still have a long way to go. It was a tiring day, but good.

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