Back To Work

October 5, 2020

We have been having picture perfect fall weather here in North Alabama. Saturday was a relaxing day with some work, some play. We cooked our meals for the week. Anne enjoyed watching the Alabama ball game and we got some good exercise. Sunday was of course worship at Lester Memorial and a quick trip home to pick up the mail and enjoy a beautiful fall afternoon. Today it was back to work. First Mary Ann led us in a devotion titled “The Green Lifesaver” and of course gave us all a Lifesaver. We didn’t all get red ones but we will think of her devotion every time we see Lifesavers.

It was a very physical day. We worked with Mary and Phil on the Retreat Center today. We moved furniture outside to get some sunshine. They are having a little mildew problem so we will be cleaning some furniture and it began with some sun. We also cleaned the gutters and trimmed the bushes. We are very tired tonight. Others worked on landscaping and used the weed trimmer by the lake. Some moved the tables and chairs and garbage from the Chapel back to the lodge and cut grass. It was a great day to be working outside. Hope you had a good start to your week!

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