Different Kinds of Projects

Wednesday, November 3, 2022

After completing our 3 week NOMADS project at Camp Sumatanga in Gallant, AL, we were off to an early start on Friday, driving Fred and BB to South Carolina to Max’s brothers house.  Fortunately, Randy and Debra have lots of room for both RV’s.  There are even full hookups for Fred and BB.  Now that’s a great brother and sister-in-law.  We had a horrible drive across Atlanta but arrived without incident and began to catch up on our rest for a day or two.

When the four of us get together, there is usually a project or two.  The first project for this trip was to get the storage boxes reinstalled on the rear of BB since the replacements for those damaged in the accident finally arrived.  So nice to have that project finally completed and BB ready for travel again.  We will really enjoy having our storage back to full capacity.

Next project was trimming trees.  We had been discussing this for several months but Tuesday was the day Max and Randy rented a boom lift and the four of us spent much of the day cutting and clearing limbs away from Fred’s parking spot as well as all the rest of the trees that needed trimming away from the house.  The yard looks great and Fred doesn’t have pecan leaves and pecans falling on his roof (loud in an RV) and we don’t have to be as concerned that limbs will fall on the roof of the house.

With that project completed, Wednesday the four-some headed to the Edgefield Baptist Association office and loaded 288 backpacks full of Christmas goodies into Randy’s cargo trailer.  Randy and Debra delivered the backpacks to be sent on their way to children in the impoverished Appalachian area while the two of us returned to Cullman in BB for annual physicals.  After receiving good reports, we headed back to South Carolina and this time really did spend a little time resting.  Resting, visiting and readying ourselves and BB for our next adventure.  Stay tuned, it’s about to get really interesting.

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