NOMADS – Sumatanga 2022 Week 3

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Week three at Sumatanga was another busy one. After church on Sunday, we had a picnic lunch on top of the mountain at the Chapel.  This beautiful spot overlooking the Sumatanga Valley is so special any time of the year but in the fall it is extra special.  We had perfect fall temperatures and sunshine.  It was a really nice day.  We all enjoyed the afternoon.

Monday after devotion, the entire team went back to the administration building to continue to work on the siding and battens.  The weather that had been wonderful for two weeks was scheduled to turn against us with record breaking lows later in the week so we wanted to complete all the outside work as soon as possible.  We are pleased with the outcome.  The rear and side of the building look much better after we replaced the rotten siding, stained it and reinstalled the battens.  We also returned to Retreat Center One to continue work on the remodel there.  We completed the dry wall repairs, removed trim, finished removing the cabinets, scraped up the old tile flooring, painted the walls and did some cleaning up.

Wednesday night we had a team pot luck that was enjoyed by all.  Thanks so much to Scott and Teresa for organizing this event.  Thursday was of course finishing up and cleaning up and trying to get all the camps tools and materials back to the correct place.  We all agreed it was another great three weeks at Sumatanga and we hope to work together again soon.

Of course, there were also the sad “see you down the roads” as we all had to get back on the road.  Thursday is always bitter sweet.  Then we headed to South Carolina Friday morning to spend some time with Randy and Debra. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the beautiful fall colors.

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