NOMADS Annual Meeting 2022

Sunday, September 25, 2022,

A lot has occurred since our last post.  We have been busy.  After our trip to Red Bay for Fred repairs, (The slide is still working beautifully.) and returning to Pine Mountain, we spent several days on estate business and Aunt Helen’s house.  We then headed back to South Carolina hoping to pick up the little van/RV – BB/Beyond Blessed.  She was not quite ready so we were able to spend Labor day weekend with Randy and Debra.  We learned the repair shop had to reorder the rear doors 3 times before they received doors that were not damaged.  BB was repaired – looking good – the following week and then we headed back to Alabama after Randy re-installed the undamaged rack.  It was just in time to pack her up to make a trip to West Virginia for our annual NOMADS meeting.  We felt like we were finally back on the road again.  We overnighted at a Cracker Barrel and arrived in Lewisburg, WV the next day to make final preparations for Anne’s last NOMADS Board meeting.  We were in Lewisburg for the meetings 9 days.  It was a busy but fun time.  We saw friends we had not seen in several years due to COVID.  It was so GOOD!!  Anne turned over the gavel to the incoming Board chairman Thursday.

On Friday we left Lewisburg for Middlebury, IN.  We overnighted at a wonderful Harvest Host farm in Ohio.  The couple that owns the farm were so friendly and sweet.  It was a great overnight out in the country.  Very quiet and peaceful and we made a purchase of some really good, creamed honey and chicken salad.  Never tried creamed honey before but it’s very good on toast.

BB has an appointment to be seen tomorrow at the factory to get the last of her warranty work completed and to be sure the guys here don’t see any further damage from the wreck.  We are hoping to head south Tuesday or Wednesday because we need to get Fred over to Camp Sumatanga this weekend so we can begin a 3 week project with NOMADS Sunday afternoon.  Since Anne won’t be so busy with NOMADS business, we hope to return to more frequent blogging, projects and seeing the country.  Maybe another trip to Alaska next year – or Nova Scotia since we had to cancel that one this year due to BB’s injuries.  Can’t wait to see what happens. Hope you will continue to travel along with us.

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