Repair Update

Monday, August 29, 2022

We were parked at Convenient Campground in Red Bay last night.  It’s just a gravel parking lot but we were off the road enough that we had a quiet night, slept well.  We were back up at 6:00am to be ready for the Tiffin supervisor who always visits you at your RV sometime after 7:00 am your first morning.  We were still sitting at the table finishing up breakfast when the phone rang and the person on the other end asked us to come to Bay 7 ASAP.  What?  No visit from the supervisor?  Nope.  Straight to the bay.  Guess our problem description was adequate.  Talk about going from a slow relaxed morning to top speed in less than a minute.  We made it to Bay 7 in about 20 minutes.  As usual we had two very nice young men assigned to our coach and they began work on our slide out immediately.  Since you are not allowed to stay with your RV, we spent the next three – four hours roaming around Red Bay, visiting the grocery stores, the Tiffin Hospitality Center, the parts store and getting our walking in for the day.  Shortly before lunch we received another call asking us to return to Bay 7.  The work was complete and we were good to go!  They found a wire from the slide controller to a motor had come disconnected inside the wall. Apparently a known issue because they had a retrofit on hand to apply to keep it from happening again.  So relieved and the cost of the repair was much less than we expected.  We grabbed some lunch and were on the way to Pine Mountain.  We will get some estate work done here tomorrow morning then we plan to return to SC.  It was a good day.

3 thoughts on “Repair Update”

  1. What??? You didn’t stop at the Cardinal drive in while you were in Red Bay? Glad you had such prompt service!


    1. We went to the Cardinal for ice cream on Saturday shortly after we arrived in Red Bay. Pizza from Home Town in Belmont and ice cream from the Cardinal all within 3 hours of our arrival in Red Bay. Had to get the visit started correctly.


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