TN-VA-WV Plus OH: Stop 5-Day 1, Zanesville, OH

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Gumby strikes again and we added another state to our RVing map!

We said goodbye to Rodney and Tammy yesterday as we headed out in opposite directions on I- 64.  We went west to Ohio and they went east to Maryland.  We backtracked through the gorge area and then continued to Zanesville, OH, about a 4.5 hour drive.  The terrain the entire way was very similar to the area around to gorge – some 9-10% climbs and descents driving along rivers a good part of the day.  Very pretty.  Surprisingly Fred still got a little over 9mpg.  We were expecting about 7.

Today we found a little trail on Alltrails in downtown Zanesville along the river.  The river is muddy and running fast due to the rain but it was a nice little walk and very interesting.  The Muskingum River runs right through downtown Zanesville and we walked out to Historic Lock #10 on the Muskingum.  This was our very first time to see a manually operated lock.  Very interesting.  Unfortunately there was no river traffic today so we didn’t get to see the lockmaster open and close the gates for a boat to lock through.  It is very tempting to return and rent a boat just to lock through.  When we still had a boat, we locked thru on the Black Warrior, and Tennessee rivers many times but all the lockmaster did was press a button to sound the horn and then another to open or close the gates.  We were glad to find a video of the manual operation to share with you.  Hope you enjoy.  We had no idea this type of gates were still in use.  Love new experiences like this.  It’s what RV travel/wandering is all about.  The rest of the day was spent catching up on paperwork and getting a little rest.

2 thoughts on “TN-VA-WV Plus OH: Stop 5-Day 1, Zanesville, OH”

  1. You will have to let me know your schedule in advance! I grew up in Lima, and graduated high school in Columbus Grove, Ahaia. (That’s how folks from ‘suthrn’ Ohio pronounce it.) Like, Zanesvl is near Neurk (AKA Newark). Lot of great times! Anyways, Amish country near Camp Wanake is a great place to visit. Lotta great eats, too! Especially visit Keim Lumber in Charm (Millersburg)!!! Oh, and Coblentz Leather on US62, also Millersburg. That’s where I wrote about goats posing for pictures.

    Love you real big!




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