TN-VA-WV: Stop 4, Lewisburg, WV

Monday, July 12, 2021

This stop was a work stop but it sure did turn out to be a lot of fun.  Last Thursday we left New River Gorge and drove a whopping 48 miles to our next stop, the State Fair of West Virginia fairgrounds in Lewisburg.  We met Tammy and Rodney there to assist them with planning the 2022 NOMADS annual meeting.  We reviewed the work done to date, met with the fairgrounds staff – all very helpful – and toured the RV sites, and meeting rooms we will be using.  It is certainly easier to make plans when you have seen the facilities.  We also ate well because we were looking for some caterers to use for the meeting. Our NOMADS friends may recall that we had planned to be in WV in 2020, and Harry, working with John and Jill had already secured the venue but then COVID happened. We are attempting to continue their plans.  Saturday we visited the Greenbriar Resort and the Greenbriar Bunker as well the historical district of Lewisburg.  The area is very nice with lots of activities available for those wanting to do some of the touristy things.  And of course they can visit the New River Gorge.

Sunday after church, the four of us biked a section of the Greenbrier River Trail, another activity our NOMADS would enjoy.  The trail was a hard crushed stone trail along the Greenbrier River, mostly shaded.  It was a great trail that we really enjoyed.  Hope we can do some more riding when we return in 2022.

Rodney and Tammy are doing a great job and putting together a wonderful team that will provide our membership with another great meeting and we thank them for all their work.

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