Good Week, But Another Sad “See You Down the Road”

Saturday, May 28, 2021

The week continued to be very hot and Tuesday was pretty brutal.  Ken and Robby were back up on the hot roof, installing the felt and making additional repairs.  The bedroom temporary wall was removed and trusses were reinforced.  Caulking was removed in the kitchen and cabinets were sanitized again.  The living room wall was also insulated. In the afternoon we all worked together removing the siding from the end of the trailer.  Recall we removed the other end two weeks ago.  It was way hotter today, but we completed the job and covered the end with tarps to protect the wood from the weather.  At this point the double wide is structurally secure and can be separated and moved as soon as the new site is ready.  The agency will have a contractor who moves double wides regularly handle all of that work.

Wednesday morning (while still somewhat cooler,) we cut down a large cedar tree that would have prevented the trailer from being moved.  There is additional landscaping that will have to be removed but it was great to remove the large cedar while Ken was still with us.  He has a lot of experience downing trees as a fire fighter who worked a lot of CA wildland fires. The roof was also re-tarped since the singles will not be replaced until after it is moved.  The rest of the day was spent insulating the walls, ceilings and helping Robby hang the drywall on the ceilings – another tiring day.  Wednesday night we visited the Glory House, one of the sponsoring agencies of this rebuild, for dinner and got to know Hope and Grant.  What a sweet couple who have such a heart for the people of Laurel.  Thanks for a great evening!

Thursday we completed hanging drywall on the walls and began the taping and mudding.  What a difference in the house this week!  It’s really starting to look like a home again – one that is safe.

Thanks so much to Heidi and Ken for their dedication to the Laurel community and for their ten weeks of hard work here.  We were very sad to say goodbye to them but they certainly deserve some time off.

Friday, we drove back to Alabama to have one additional document notarized and recorded.  No, we did not close. We drove back to Laurel Friday afternoon.  It turned into about a 13 hour day. The documents are now in the hands of Quicken and we have again been told this is the last thing they require and we should get closing scheduled next week.  This is the fourth “last thing” needed so we are not holding our breath.  But – it will close when it closes.

Stay safe and enjoy this Memorial Day weekend, while also remembering all who gave so much for our freedom.

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