It’s Summer In South Mississippi

Monday, May 24, 2021

As we start our third week in Laurel, the short spring has turned to summer.  We will have 90 degree temps this week and will have to be careful to keep everyone hydrated.  We of course began today with a planning session with Robby and then our morning meeting with Ken and Heidi.  Our number one goal for this week is to get the roof repairs completed and the roof was where Max, Ken and Robby began their work day.  Heidi and Anne were outside helping as needed.  The guys got all the rotten and warped decking removed and replaced with new material over the master bedroom as well as the master bath.  They also reinforced more trusses.  They then moved back to the front, investigating the area in the living room that has been leaking.  There they removed more shingles and found there was also rotten decking there as well as the valley tin needed replacing.  So, they again reinforced the trusses in that area and replaced the decking.  The shingles will not be replaced until the trailer is at home on the new property so the tarps will remain on the roof until after the move.  Cannot believe how much work was completed on the exterior today!  The inside is also coming along.  Everyday there is more cleaning done and the house smells so much better.  Today the insulation was replaced in the living room wall.  All the old caulk was removed in the hall bath and the tub re-caulked.  We will be needing some new trim for the vanity.  Heidi also did a great job cleaning and painting several ceiling spots that had mildewed.  Some cabinet repairs were done and a few more are needed in the kitchen.  It was a very productive but hot day.  We all made sure we were drinking lots of water and we extended our breaks a little due to the heat on the roof.  We should all sleep well tonight.

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