Monday in McColl

Monday, April 5, 2021

Yesterday was a beautiful, spring day in Tatum.  We went to Bennettsville (five miles south of Tatum) to First UMC for their sunrise service.  It was a rather cool, outdoor service, with coffee and snacks afterwards. We always try to attend outside services Easter morning and it was a good service.   Everyone was friendly and we met several people and were able to share the NOMADS story with them. When we got back to Fred, we watched our home church live stream Easter service and then attended the 11:00 service with the team at Main Street UMC, 5 miles north in McColl, SC.  Love Easter Sunday!! For us it’s the most important and meaningful day of the year.

Today we had devotion at 8:00 across the street in an old church building that is now owned by the town.  They allow NOMADS to use the building while we are here.  Since we didn’t have a team meeting yesterday, this morning also served as our orientation meeting.  All the team members already new each other and had worked together previously.  This week we have a seven member team in 4 RVs.  We are working on a small house that is about 100 years old and back in the day was a “mill” house. It is in McColl, close enough to Tatum for us to return to the RVs for lunch.  Last week the team did some inside work and removed the back porch and began the rebuild.  Today we began by installing OSB flooring (to have flooring installed later) and installed the last three studs.  Then we installed the siding and insulated the exterior walls.  The door and lock and ceiling light were installed.  It was another beautiful day.

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