Back To Work

Saturday, April 3, 2021

First, we should let you know that our house was fine during last week’s storms.  Max repaired our driveway a day or two before we left and there was not time for it to get packed so it is badly washed.  More work to do when we get back home.

The storm gave us two extra days at the Gulf so we enjoyed those days.  We did some extensive walking on trails and the beach.  The storms had the Gulf very rough with double red flags flying but the beach was still great.  Sunday was our day for our second vaccine.  Walmart had a great system in place and it was again quick and easy.  Thanks, Walmart in Atmore.  We celebrated our second vaccine with Royal Red Shrimp.  Monday was mostly a rest day.  Max visited the eagles again.  We also did a short beach walk.  Tuesday was a travel day as we began our way to Tatum, SC.  We stopped at Anne’s brother’s for the evening.  He took us out on the golf cart/multi-purpose trails that are everywhere in Peachtree City.  We saw beautiful homes with wonderful landscaping/trees in full bloom.  We went to one of the lakes for sunset but unfortunately the clouds moved in and there wasn’t much to see.  It didn’t matter because the visit was what we really wanted.  We shared a wonderful dinner and breakfast, timing our departure to avoid Atlanta rush hour.  It was an uneventful travel day and we arrived at Randy and Debra’s mid- afternoon.  We then had couple of days to spend with them.  Debra and Anne visited while Randy and Max did a few RV maintenance items.  We also got to celebrate David’s birthday – glad we were there for that.

Today we arrived in Tatum, where we will be for the next few weeks, working to repair homes damaged in one of the many hurricanes.  We don’t know much about this area but look forward to making new friends and helping the residents of the area.  Thank you Lord for safe travel.  Please be in prayer for all the services tomorrow as we celebrate the most holy day of Easter.

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