Start of Week 2 at Dundee

Monday, February 1, 2021

It’s COLD here! OK, compared to our northern friends we know it’s not cold, but we have a wind chill warning here in central Florida with a prediction of wind chills as low as 30 degrees in the morning.  The wind has been gusting to 30mph.  Where did our beautiful weather go?  We want it back!

We began our day with a thoughtful devotion based on Matthew 22:34-40, presented by Nell.  She concentrated on verse 38, “and the second is like it, Love your neighbor as yourself.” Some define loving others as meeting their needs.  Do you notice displays of love by others?  When/where did you see examples of love today?  Did anyone observe you displaying love today?  Thanks Nell, good way to start our day.

Lots of new work today.  Max and Anne stayed at the campground and began working on changing the fluorescent lights to LED in the gym/multipurpose room. We got a slow start due to the lift not being charged but ended up getting 8 of 36 lights changed out today.  Now that we have a system in place we hope to get more done tomorrow.  Gene worked on spray painting the gym exterior. Barb and Mike got their RV repaired and arrived Friday afternoon.  Today they worked on the exterior of a church member’s home that needed a little help.  They did some pressure washing on this cold day. (a real display of love.)  Nell and Randy worked on repainting the church sign, Becky worked on mulching some of the flower beds at the church and Mary Ann tried to keep us all headed in the right direction.  It was a busy day for everyone but a lot was accomplished.  Another day of blessings – given and received.

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