Great Weekend

Sunday, January 31, 2021

We celebrated our weekend by touring around the area.  There is so much more to Florida than the beaches and the theme parks and sadly that’s all so many people ever see.  Friday we started our weekend by dropping by the Florida’s Natural visitors center.  Of course, we enjoyed the juice samples, but they also had lots of great displays, a very good movie on the industry, the citrus business and horticulture.  We learned a lot.

After making a few gift shop purchases, we left the visitors center in route to the Bok Tower Gardens located in Lake Wales, about 10 miles south of Dundee.  The Bok Tower Gardens is a bird sanctuary, gorgeous gardens, and 205 foot tall carillon tower with beautiful bells.  The Singing Tower is built of beautiful pink and gray Georgia marble and coquina stone from St. Augustine.  It stands on the highest point in the state of Florida.  The pink marble was amazing in the bright sunlight.  We made sure we were there for the carillon concert at 1:00.  They have 205 acres of gardens and we kept thinking of our mothers and how much they would have enjoyed visiting here.  We got lots of steps in the gardens.

Saturday we did some additional exploring in the area.  We went to Lake Wailes park, located in the town of Lake Wales, and did our walking there. There is a nice, paved path around the lake.  There are so many lakes and so many beautiful parks in this area.  Max always says if there is a puddle in Florida you better look for an alligator.  We saw a big gator in Lake Wailes, at least six feet long.

We have had beautiful weather while here in Dundee.  Today was another beautiful day.  After church and lunch, we found another park in Dundee to do our walking.  Maybe if Alabama put more money in walking paths and places to get exercise we wouldn’t rank so high in cardiovascular disease and stroke.  Of course, I suppose our diet has something to do with it too.

We are feeling so blessed to have our health.  Please continue to pray for everyone continuing to struggle with COVID.

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