First Day at ECHO

Monday, January 4, 2021

Sunday was a beautiful day.  We of course began by watching the Lester Memorial worship service and were so glad Pastor Harvey was feeling better and was able to preach.  Afterwards we did some more hiking around the camp and some cooking for the week.  We had our team meeting in the afternoon.  We have one new NOMAD on our team, Janet and it will be fun getting to know her.  We have not worked with Ken and Vi so we will get to know them better over the three weeks too.  We also have Kevin and Suzan who worked with us in Hattiesburg, Wanda, and Gregg and Karen our leaders, we have worked with previously.  This will be a good team and a fun three weeks.  After the meeting we all walked around the campground and did some more exploring.  We keep finding additional areas.

Today we went to ECHO (Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization) for the first time.  ECHO is about 20 minutes from the campground and is a 55 acre global farm and research center.  After devotion with the ECHO staff, we spent the remainder of the morning touring the farm.  This is an amazing place and we would encourage you to visit their website and read and learn.  They are working to relieve hunger by teaching people to grow their own food using sustainable resources.  We look forward to working to help the ECHO team reach their ministry goals.

We began that work this afternoon by moving a lot of bamboo out of a lean-to and then removing the machine to pressure treat bamboo.  We will be rebuilding this area over the next several days.  Hard work but very rewarding.

2 thoughts on “First Day at ECHO”

  1. Fantastic place! We hope to serve there again.
    Please take a picture for us of the bridges in the tropical area. We did not have the bamboo to finish the side rails when we were there.


  2. Loved working at ECHO a few years back. Very rewarding teaching people to raise their own food and food for others.
    Mike and Ruth Allford


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