Last Days at Gulf State Park

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Wednesday it was wonderful to see our pastor Harvey looking much improved when he led the midweek devotion. He and Lana have both been ill and we are so thankful they are both much better and he is planning to preach Sunday.  Anne began Wednesday with a NOMADS membership interview and did the same again this morning.  It’s encouraging to see our number of applicants finally increasing again.  The remainder of the morning we rode our bikes on some new-to-us trails.  There are so many great trails to ride in Gulf State Park.  We really enjoy being able to just get on our bikes at our site and ride on safe trails.  You can ride or hike different trails every day and never get bored and spot wildlife along the way. We, however, did not see the eagles when we stopped by the nest before lunch.  After we cooked another great seafood lunch, this time flounder, we went back to the nest. We hit the jackpot with both eagles on the limbs above the nest.  Such beautiful birds! A great ending to a really great day.

The forecast for today was iffy with rain predicated.  We loaded the bikes into the truck last night to protect them from the possible severe weather and heavy rain.  This morning was actually beautiful, so after another NOMADS interview we hiked out to the beach.  The water was much rougher today with rip currents and waves 5-8 feet due to the storm coming in, but it was a great day for a walk in the beach and then one last hike.

Sadly, we will be leaving in the morning, but have already made plans to return next year.  We spent the afternoon preparing FRED for the two day trip further south.  The storms have now arrived and we are hopeful that the weather will clear before our 7:00 am departure time tomorrow.  It’s been a great two weeks of R&R and now it’s time to get back to work.

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