Last Weekend In The Park

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Yesterday was a cold morning!  We brought in the water hose, filter, and pressure regulator Christmas night because we had a low of 29, predicted 27.  Too cold for south Alabama!  There are usually two or three cold days here each year and then winter is over.  We didn’t try to see eagles yesterday due to the cold.  We did however snag two places in a 10 person private tour of the fishing pier yesterday.  One of the naturalists led the tour and it was great to get to participate.  The state park fishing pier was closed May ll of this year to have repairs due to routine deterioration of the pier deck.  It was slated to reopen September 16, 2020 – the day that hurricane Sally made a direct hit on Gulf Shores as a Cat 3 hurricane.  The pier which was thought to be “hurricane proof” was not.  However, it did as it was supposed to do and the panels were pushed up and out of their frame and many were found washed ashore after the storm.  Unfortunately, one section of the pylons also collapsed and are on the ocean floor below the pier.  The sections reclaimed are in the process of being reinstalled and they hope to open that portion of the pier in February.  The engineering of the repairs of the collapsed portion is ongoing.  The very distant end of the pier with the new observation tower is still intact and just needs to be reconnected to the rest of the pier.  No projected date for the completion of that work.  The new pier, once it is completed for the second time will be beautiful.

Today was a warmer although still cool day.  We decided to make a road trip to just visit areas we haven’t seen in a while.  We rode out to Fort Morgan to see some of the Sally damage there  – a lot of damage still visible, road up to Foley and the outlets – too crowded for us to shop,  and to some of the smaller communities in the area.

We went out to see the eagles this morning and this afternoon.  Saw an osprey and eagle this morning and struck out this afternoon.  Oh well, we had a good bike ride and another nice day.

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