Volunteer Tuesday in the Park

Tuesday. December 22, 2020

Another beautiful day in Gulf Shores Alabama.  This morning we met with about 15 others to volunteer to assist with further cleanup of the park from the hurricane damage.  Today we were asked to work in the area of the primitive tent sites putting up a fence by a creek.  We were using repurposed materials and new poles for the fencing.  We didn’t get it completed so it will probably be the project for next Tuesday too.  The purpose of this fence is to keep people out of the creek and away from the critters in the creek, i.e alligators.  They also seem to think the fence will discourage the gators from coming into the camping area.  Yep.  Makes you want to rush right out and buy a tent to camp here.  NOT! Santa, please do not bring us a tent!!

Lunch of steamed royal red shrimp
Lunch of steamed royal red shrimp

After working this morning we were hungry and went to a local seafood market to treat ourselves to some royal red shrimp.  We had them steam them for us and then it was back to FRED for a delicious meal.  It was probably the best shrimp we have ever had.  There will probably be a repeat of this meal in our future.  After a quick trip to the grocery store, we spent the rest of the day walking and riding our bikes.  No eagle visit today but maybe tomorrow.

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