Beautiful Monday in the Park

Monday, December 21, 2020

It rained most of Saturday night with strong winds at times.  FRED was moving around a bit so even though we knew there was no severe weather in our area we still didn’t sleep very well.  We of course watched our worship service at Lester Memorial Sunday morning.  The church has gone back to no in-person worship again since the COVID numbers are so bad in our area.  We know too many people who are sick now.  Please, everyone, wear your masks, wash your hands and keep your distance!  After the long day of hiking Saturday, with the gloomy and rainy weather Sunday, we rested and watched some movies.

Today we enjoyed sleeping late and having a leisurely breakfast and then walked around the campground.  We picked up the new weekly schedule of events and looked over the pool and tennis/pickle ball courts. After that we drove to the marina to see the replica of the Pinta, one of the ships that sailed with Columbus.  We drove to the area of the eagles nest and walked the trail a way to take a look.  Unfortunately, the eagles were not visible so we made our way back to FRED.  We got our bikes out of the truck and started riding the trails – great social distancing.  The trails here are so nice!  This afternoon we rode back to the eagles nest and this time we were in luck.  Both eagles were perched on the branches above the nest.  They insisted on perching where there was a limb between us and them but we took pictures anyway.  We never tire of seeing these beautiful birds.  Tonight we of course made sure we saw the “Christmas Star” that has been all over the media channels for weeks.  We have been watching Saturn and Jupiter getting closer and closer for at least a month.  Something that comes around so rarely must be noticed.  It was another wonderful day.  Thank you, God.

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