Getting Down to the Small Stuff

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Today Betty and Tom continued the theme of servanthood with their devotion about serving God by serving others.  They reminded us that we are all ministers and God calls us all to ministry.  NOMADS is our ministry and we all agreed we are definitely living retirement with a purpose.

We all went back to our job site to continue working on our various projects.  Anne spent most of the day finishing drywall – lots of tape and mud.  Max and Tom installed the dryer vent and installed the trim for the kitchen counter as well as completing the installation of some bi-fold closet doors.  Jim and Gene completed the carpentry portion of the bath, and Mary Ann began finishing the drywall.  More tape and mud.  Betty also played in the mud with us today, working in the laundry room, closets and living room.  Stel, Mary Ann and Jim all worked on installing base at different times today.  Stel and Jodi also worked on doors and Jodi, as always, was there to help everyone with whatever we needed.  We have gotten so much done.  We still need to complete the drywall – maybe tomorrow – and then lots of smaller items.  When the drywall finishing is complete, Daryl, our construction superintendent, will spray an orange peel type texture to make all the new drywall match the rest of the house.  Then we will be painting and cleaning.  We really need to get this homeowner back in her home.  In January she will have been out of her home for three years!  It’s really sad that long term recovery takes so very long.  We are hopeful that she will be in her house before Christmas.  The volunteer portion will be complete by then, but the final electrical and plumbing will also have to be completed by the subcontractors and final inspection by the city.

BTW, in case you are wondering, the weather forecaster missed the mark again.  Our low last night was 33, not 24.  Happy dance!  For the non-RVers, we RVers don’t like temperatures below freezing because we have to start worrying about freezing hoses and pipes.  No worries about that for the next 10 days.  Life is good in Hattiesburg!

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