Cold Start To A Beautiful Day

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Love it when the weather forecasters get it wrong – when it goes our way.  We never got below freezing last night.  However, they are predicting a low of 24 tonight.  Here’s hoping they are wrong again. 

We are thankful for the beautiful blue skies and warm sunshine today!  Today we shared a devotion on servant leadership – leading as Jesus led – and then we were off to work.  Back to our assigned house we all resumed where we left off yesterday.  Max and Anne resumed the drywall patching in the ½ bath and completed that job.  Then we were asked to cut an access to the attic in that ½ bath.  We were surprised when we removed the section of drywall and white insulation snowed down on us.  Yep – about 16 inches of blown in insulation in that area of the attic.  We also discovered that there was only about 16 inches from our opening to the roof.  So, we were asked to close it back up.  The construction manager is working on plan B.  Tom and Betty today worked on doors and drywall in the laundry room.  Stel, Jodi, and Mary Ann worked on drywall in the living room and installing the door knobs.  Jim and Gene continued work in the full bath.  Lots of progress was made. 

Chris, our volunteer coordinator treated us all to a lunch of wonderful white chicken chili that she prepared.  On this cold day it really hit the spot.  Hoping we can talk her into sharing the recipe.  Loaded with chicken and beans and lots of tasty spices.  Yum!  After lunch we followed Chris to the Wesley Foundation to look at some possible work for next week.  We will probably be able to get at least part of the team there the first of next week.  It was another great day!

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