Last Day in Illinois

Friday, September 18, 2020

Yesterday there was more sanding and mudding. Max, Gary and Ray made a lot of progress. They worked very hard to leave the drywall as close to ready to paint as they could. Anne had an executive committee meeting for the NOMADS in preparation for today’s full Board meetings. Last night we drove over to Taylorville, about 30 minutes away, to get some ice cream for supper. It was very good. It was an interesting drive, on roads we had not previously seen. Today the guys were back to work on the drywall, sanding and marking any areas they feel needs a touch up with the mud. We will leave it for someone else to do the touch up, probably another day or two of work and then it will be ready for paint, probably late next week. Anne’s board meeting was all day. She reports they got a lot done.

We really enjoy working with the people here at MMDC. They are such a joy and inspiration. They do great work! Today they treated us to a great Mexican lunch with some great ice cream sundaes for dessert and then showered us with gifts of their 20th anniversary, T-shirts and a metal model of their 18 wheeler transport truck. Thanks so much MMDC for allowing us to be a part of your wonderful ministry of providing help and support to those in need. Tonight the low is predicted to be 43 degrees. We will have to turn the fireplace on tonight and head south tomorrow. Please remember us in your prayers for safe travel. Have a wonderful weekend.

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