Ice Cream and Pie

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

We have finished the taping and first cost of mud on all the walls and have moved on to sanding and the second coat. Sanding drywall makes a lot of dust and it gets on and in everything on the job site. Even if our NOMADS policy did not require us to wear masks when working inside and near others, we would be wearing them now for our own health.

Funny fact about this blog: We have a blog post from May 7, 2018 entitled “Drywall dust in the ears, drywall dust in the nose, drywall dust in the hair, drywall dust everywhere!” Our blog statistics page shows that one entry gets more views than any other. And from more countries.

At break today Gary volunteered to make homemade ice cream for us after work. We offered to bring some frozen peaches to go on the ice cream, but they somehow became a peach cobbler. Thanks, Gary, for the ice cream and the fellowship.

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