Roofing, Vapor Barrier and (finally) Drywall

Thursday, September 3, 2020

After completing yesterday’s blog entry, another NOMAD arrived to help with the MMDC addition. We were relieved when Ray arrived about 9:00 last night. Max helped him get his trailer parked by providing some additional lighting.

We had fog and heavy dew this morning and cooler temperatures. Like most mornings, we walked before work to get some good exercise before it was so hot. The dew changed our work plans a bit. The foam that goes under the roof ridge arrived yesterday afternoon and we had planned to complete the roofing project in the cool of the morning. However, the roof was too wet and slick! That’s okay because we are flexible. We completed the installation of the vapor barrier in the ceiling. By then the sun had dried the roof and we were then able to complete the roofing shortly before lunch. We spent all afternoon installing drywall. We completed one of the offices and started on the second. It was a very productive day and we should all sleep well tonight.

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