Cabling and Insulation

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Yesterday started with rain. It didn’t bother us because we planned to be working inside anyway. We continued to clean out the addition, moving items no longer needed back to the warehouse so we will have more room to work. Then, we continued the installation of the insulation. Gary, another NOMAD arrived about noon and after getting set up joined us for the afternoon. He worked on opening up the cased opening between the existing building and the addition. It was a good, productive day. Today began very overcast but ended warm and sunny. We continued with insulation and the doorway, completing the doorway and all the insulation in the exterior walls and put fiberglass insulation in the eaves in preparation for the blown-in ceiling insulation later. This afternoon we ran the cable for the computers through the conduit up to the attic of the existing building and then back down into the computer room. Then we worked on installing vapor barrier. We have about half of that job completed. It was another productive day.

Max and Anne had to go to Pawnee to the lumber store today to pick up some supplies. This brought back good memories for Anne. The store looked like it was from the 1950s. It had some beautiful golden oak desks and cabinets and reminded Anne of when she was a little girl and her Dad would take her to job sites and then go by the lumber company and pick up some supplies. What was the best thing about today? Probably God’s blessing of another beautiful sunset. Such a peaceful way to end the day. Hope your day was peaceful too.

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