Hot Work Days But a Nice Saturday

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Not a lot of pictures but Wednesday and Thursday were busy and very hot work days. In fact, it was so hot that by the time we finished up in the evenings and got our showers we were too tired to blog.  After reinstalling the door we decided the door really needed a door closer so we got that installed. We also had to turn the lock set around since we turned the door around. Yep, we sort of forgot about that little chore when we worked on the door. We remembered when we locked ourselves in and Anne had to climb out a window to unlock the door. We worked on installing insulation, worked with the electrician to complete the rough in, moved lumber and cleaned up the job site. Friday the HVAC and electrical passed inspection so now we can move forward. Also Friday the metal for the roof and walls arrived, as well as the drywall, the rest of the insulation, and all the screws, tape and mud etc. Now we just need some additional people to help us get the work done. We have one volunteer that will be here Monday when we plan to work to complete the roofing. Another NOMAD should arrive Tuesday and another Wednesday and we hope to be working on drywall by then.

Today was a beautiful day. The temperatures were significantly lower with the high only 81 and the humidity lower as well. Our low tonight is suppose to be back down into the lower 50s. Much nicer. It was a really good day to get our exercise. Today was a walking day. It was also a cooking and laundry day. We prepared breakfasts for next week as well as enough stroganoff to feed us a couple of days. Tomorrow we plan to make a new-to-us recipe for “one pot teriyaki chicken and rice”. We like preparing one pot meals in FRED. With that made we will have the meals for the week. That’s about it for now. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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