Odds and Ends

Tuesday, August 26, 2020

Hello all. For those of our sweet family concerned about our well being, we are fine. Tired from working in the heat, but fine. We were walking back to FRED the other afternoon and Max commented on us coming to Illinois looking for some cooler weather than Alabama and we checked the weather in Alabama and decided the joke is on us.

Oh, well. We enjoy working with the folks at MMDC. They do a wonderful job serving those in need all across the world, USA, Illinois and their local community. It is our blessing to be able to work along side them in their ministry. On this visit we are working on building additional office space which is badly needed.

Biking the Interurban Trail
Late afternoon bike ride on the Interurban Trail

Sunday, of course, we worshiped with Lester Memorial by live stream. Such a blessing. You can find the Sunday message and Wednesday devotion on YouTube and Facebook. Later afternoon, after it cooled a little, we biked a small portion of the Interurban rail trail we walked Saturday. We only road about 7 miles because we also needed to buy some groceries. Everything is very convenient in the Village of Chatham – such a nice little town. The trail needs a little love to smooth some of the rough areas but sure wish Blount County had something similar.

Monday we went back to work on the new addition and continued that work today. We completed the removal and installation of the exterior door, installed attic vents, and various other items such as marking the trusses for the folks that will be blowing in the insulation and marking the floor with stud location for when we install the drywall. We have stayed busy making sure we stay out of the way of the HVAC and electrical contractors. We think they will have their portion complete in time for inspection Friday morning. Fingers crossed.

We were also able to visit with the LOLs through Zoom today.  Aunt Jean was quite the spunky one and seemed very pleased that we “called” her.  Aunt Helen was asleep but they woke her up for us and she seemed happy to see us too.  She fell last night but seems okay.  The nurse practitioner saw her for us this morning and said she seems fine.  Another blessing.  Hope everyone is having a great week.  Stay safe and healthy!

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