Week One, Day Two

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Preparing lunchA work day for Constructors for Christ begins at 6:00 am. Breakfast is around 7:30, lunch around 12:30 and we stop work at 6:00 pm. All three meals are provided each day. They are prepared by team members who choose to work in the kitchen instead of on the construction site. Those members are divided into three teams and each team prepares one meal a day. Today Anne and Debra’s team prepared lunch.  Every meal is always delicious. Usually the team members prepare desserts but the members of the congregation at Pine Grove are providing those this year

Out on the constructions site today was much like yesterday. Some worked on installing fire blocks in the walls, some worked hanging and mudding drywall and some built corner posts and t-posts for the interior walls. Today we started building and erecting the interior walls.  Another productive day in God’s service.

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