Week One Starts

Monday, June 22, 2020

Sunrise on the way to the job site this morning
Sunrise on the way to the job site this morning. we haven’t seen many sunrises since we have be off work.

Sunday night meeting

Our 2020 Constructors for Christ officially started last night with a dinner provided by the congregation of Pine Grove Missionary Baptist Church and our initial meeting. We have about 42 volunteers this year for week one. Most years we have closer to 60 volunteers.

Week one is normally “framing week” but this year Max and Randy worked all day on hanging drywall. The wall between the new construction and the older building has to have two layers of 5/8 inch drywall as a firewall. Otherwise the older structure would also have to have a fire suppression sprinkler system installed –at great cost.

At dinner tonight the church member who is overseeing the work (and worked with us all day) remarked how he never imagined how much would be accomplished in just one day.

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