Month In Review

Monday, June 8, 2020

So it’s been about a month since we have posted to the blog. Probably not the best way to keep readership up on the blog. Maybe we need a grand reopening or something like all the stores. We might make some plans just to do just that but let us first catch you up on the past month.

Maybe the best news in the past month is that we both were able to get hair cuts. Okay, so after the days of “stay at home” we are easily pleased. Neither of us have had such long hair since about 1975. It felt weird the first few days after it was cut but we are now again enjoying quick and easy hair care.

It took a while in the pandemic days of Amazon Prime, but all the parts finally arrived for setting up the new truck for towing. We talked to Randy and Debra (Max’s brother and sister-in-law) and we all decided we felt we were all okay with a visit with social distancing. We visited with them right before we left for Florida after Thanksgiving and had not seen them since – too long! Anne drove the truck and Max drove Fred over to South Carolina for our visit. This allowed Max and Randy time to visit while they totally tore off the front end of our beautiful new truck. It looked like it was the one in the wreck. However, Randy and Max did a great job and with about a day of work the base plate was in place for towing and the truck was beautiful again. It required several more hours to do the wiring required for the lights and the braking system. All of that is now installed and works and looks great! The installation looks better than the previous truck and is easier to set up as well and we towed the truck back to Alabama. Thanks, Randy for all your hard work.

So glad Debra and Randy have a beautiful open floor plan home. We could easily keep our distance and eat at opposite ends of their long dining room table. Anne really enjoyed her time with Debra while the guys worked on the truck. Been missing our family!

Still getting some construction work in

Since coming back from SC we have continued to work on the houses and are making progress. The new lumber rack we built in the basement allowed us to do some clean up some there. There is more to do but we will get it done in due time. Our weather has remained nice although it’s now hot summertime in Alabama with highs in the 90’s. We may have to take another trip and head north this time. Only time and Covid will tell. Summer plans are definitely jello right now.

Today we were in Oneonta to help our church hand out cold water to the people in a peaceful march. Our church still has one more week before we can resume in person worship so it was great to finally see our pastor and his wife and a few other dear friends – of course with masks and social distancing. It has been 6 ½ months since we have worshiped at our church. So very thankful for streaming our worship services but will be even more thankful to finally be able to worship together again.

We miss everyone but please remember that COVID is still here and will still make you very sick. Please be very careful and stay safe and healthy.

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