Still Safe and Sound

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. This is our second Mother’s Day without our Moms so it’s been a little hard but we are thankful for a beautiful day and great memories!

Guess we aren’t doing very well with the blog during the COVID crisis. Can we blame it on that? Sure, why not? How have we been spending our time while staying at home? We have been working on the house and getting it ready to hopefully sell. Some days it’s almost like working a project. Repairs, painting, caulking, etc. Some days it’s fun, others not so much. We have done a little work in the community, of course keeping our social distance. We have adjusted to wearing masks and gloves when we go to the grocery store, wiping things down, etc. We were already pretty diligent with hand washing and hand sanitizer.

We unfortunately also had the experience of purchasing a new truck during this time of social distancing. Buying a truck with online shopping works pretty well and since we bought another Colorado it was pretty easy. We only drove the one we bought and since it only had 2 miles on it when we drove it we knew it hadn’t been driven by anyone else. On our trip to Cullman for a follow up doctor’s appointment for Max we were hit in the passenger side in the area of the rear tire and the truck was rolled onto the driver’s side. It was scary but no one in either vehicle was injured and for that we are very thankful. Of course, USAA were a pleasure to deal with and we will enjoy having a new truck after we get it all set up for towing. We are waiting on the new baseplate and wiring harness to arrive and shipping seems so much slower these days. Otherwise, we have been very faithful with getting our walking and for the most part we have had great weather as encouragement.

Hope you all are staying safe and healthy. We miss seeing you and are looking forward to more normal times.

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