Week One, Day Four

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Today was a long hot day for Max and Randy. They again were up at 4:30 and on the job at 6:00 where they continued to work on framing all day.

Anne cooking spaghettiAnne and Debra didn’t have to be there until shortly before lunch to start preparing for tonight’s dinner – spaghetti was tonight’s entree. However, since they were both awake at 4:30 they decided to do laundry and other mundane items around Aunt Helen’s house. They got another closet cleaned up before leaving for the church.

In the sanctuary, most of our volunteers wrote a note of scripture and signed the studs, headers etc. since it was the last full workday this week and some were leaving for home tonight. The messages will all be covered after a few more days of work but God will know it is there. Who knows when a repair will be done or a wall will be opened for some other reason and they will find an encouraging word from scripture. It was another good day! Hope yours was too.

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