More Drywall and Plumbing

Monday, February 17, 2020

Today was another beautiful day in the Keys. Dan brought our devotion today from the Upper Room using Matthew 5:13-16. he reminded us that we are God’s light in the world and even our faintest glow can be a beacon to others. Spending time with God and studying his Word makes us glow more brightly.

It was then time to get back to work. Mark and Max went back to the house they worked on Thursday. They installed an on demand water heater this morning. It was installed before lunch. Cute little thing.

The rest of the work was again in the bathroom. The installation of the ceiling drywall is complete. Only a little more installation work on the wall drywall is needed. Then it will be time for finishing. The concrete board surrounding the tub/shower is installed. There still a lot to do in the bathroom but it is looking much better already. Dennis is now thinking about what he will do when we aren’t in his house everyday working. It was another good day.

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